Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Smith Rock State Park is a thirty minute drive from the beautiful city of Bend, Oregon.  Our friends Kim and Dane had this park on the list of places to see when we came to visit.  Being lovers of the outdoors, we were all ready to hike the Misery Ridge Loop Trail and get a spectacular view of Mt. Jefferson as the sun set over that mountains.  

DATE: February 2013
LOCATION: Smith Rock State Park
Near Bend, Oregon


  1. Wow. these pictures are stunningly beautiful.

  2. Please come back to Oregon and take more photos. Stay all summer. Shoot, just move already. Thanks for putting a photo of me grabbing Dane's bum on the internet. Obviously I like to keep it classy.

  3. what a beautiful place and spectacular view. kate, we need to do a roadtrip.