Wednesday, June 19, 2013

After an amazing experience on our Osorno excursion, we decided to go on another one to Chiloé Island.  Our expectations were high, but we quickly learned to set them low after being sold to another tour group. We were picked up an hour late and were dropped off at a random place in Puerto Montt.  We loaded onto a large bus filled with 20-30 people and drove off feeling completely surprised and confused.  Despite having to take pictures through the bus window (it was more of a "Drive-by" kind of tour), we did enjoy the moments where we were able to get off for a quick minute and tour a couple of Chiloé's 150 wooden churches.  We also took a quick boat ride to see some fisherman's homes that are famous on the island.  Overall, it was an experience and one that I'll always remember. 

LOCATION: Chiloé Island, Chile
DATE: March 2013

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  1. the art of traveling! enjoy the ride! pretty snaps, kate!