Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Old Man's Cave is located in Southeastern Ohio and is one of my favorite places to explore in the Hocking Hills Region.  As you enter the lush forests of the Appalachian foothills, you'll find yourself wondering if you're still in Ohio—everything around you feels so prehistoric.  You're forced to look up at trees that stand so tall. With their large roots powering out of the ground, its hard not to notice them. Temperatures begin to change as you descend down and a cool cloud of moisture sets in.   This moist world is home to a plethora of flora.  Moss grows rampantly on trees and on stone, while ferns blanket the ground beneath your feet.  This is a magical place—this Old Man's Cave. And if you're like me, its a place you never want to leave.

LOCATION: Old Man's Cave, Hocking Hills, Ohio
DATE: June 2013 


  1. beautiful photos and so green! you are so cute! love all of these

  2. Oh man! So much green! You can almost feel the humidity in these photos.