Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Highway 395 is one of the most beautiful and scenic highways in California.  In a short period, the terrain changes from high desert sands to rolling hills to large granite peaks.  As you drive north from Los Angeles, you're sandwiched between the Sierras to the west and the White Mountains to the east. 

We decided to travel along this highway in hopes to find a good camping spot for Memorial Day weekend.  Isaac was kind enough to drive and I took advantage of being able to take photos out the window.  We passed by grazing cattle, large salt flats, and abandoned cabins.  And after hours of driving, we stopped for jerky when Isaac confessed he had never tried any.  

LOCATION: Highway 395, California
DATE: May 2013


  1. i LOVE these from the road shots.

  2. loved it. this was one of my fav road trips. so much beautiful scenery. i could take hours just stopping!