Sunday, March 1, 2015

My girl Liz came to town the week of Thanksgiving.  It's been around two years since she's been back to California and I wanted to make her trip super special.  We decided to drive the five hours it takes to get to Bishop from Los Angeles and we left on Tuesday, planning to return the next day so we could get ready for Thanksgiving.  It seems like a far distance to travel for just a two day trip, I know, but it is well worth it.  I've wanted to bring Liz up to this part of the Sierras for a long time now.  I've wanted to show her this place where my mind keeps still and where I feel complete peace. It's one of my favorite spots in California.

Our goal was to reach one of my favorite hot springs before the sun set over the granite peaks.  We made it just in time to watch the sun dip below the horizon, painting the sky over the White Mountains the most beautiful shades of pinks and purples.  I made sure to leave my camera tucked away so I could enjoy this moment without distraction and let my memory save it instead.

The next morning we were in need of a good hike and we made our way up into the mountains.  The trail was empty which allowed us to stop and take photos. And of course, being girls, we stopped several times.  The goal of our time together was to be and feel free.  Free of the city, of expectation, and of all the things that keep us feeling like we have to hide who we are, both physically and mentally. And this path gave us that freedom and it felt really good.  We both needed that hike and we felt refreshed and restored when we returned to LA.

LOCATION: Eastern Sierras
DATE: November 2014

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