Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Last year I made a promise to my friend Nora that I would backpack parts of South America with her.  Years ago, we made a pact that we would travel the world together. When I visited her last year in Switzerland, she informed me of her three month trip and invited me to join for parts of it.  I decided I would meet her in Chile and we would then travel to Argentina together.  Because of Nora's travel schedule, I decided to be in Chile for a week by myself before meeting up with her. 

I arrived in Santiago on a Sunday afternoon.  The summer was coming to an end, but no one seemed to want it to.   I stolled around a nearby park, ate some ice cream, and decided that Santiago seemed very hip.  Over the next couple days, I explored Cerro Santa Lucia, hiked to the top of Cerro San Cristóbal as the sun set over the mountains, and practiced my Spanish by taking a city bus forty minutes away to buy an overnight bus ticket to Villarrica.  On my last day, I was able to meet Rodrigo, a university student studying close to my hostel.  He took me on a tour around the city and we had a great time chatting about art and culture.

I was in the city for a total of three days.  I never really felt in danger and everyone seemed so kind and friendly.  

I really enjoyed the warm weather, the hundreds of dogs that roamed the city, and the feeling of being fully present in a place so new and foreign.   Santiago, you were fun.

LOCATION: Santiago, Chile
DATE: March 2013


  1. oh, how i admire you girly! what an experience!
    these photos are so beautiful...

  2. STOP it with the cuteness! this looks SO much like ecuador.

    i love all your self-timer selfies. so cute, you are. pretty pretty!