Wednesday, May 1, 2013

After a ten hour over-night bus ride, I arrived in Villarrica, Chile to work on an organic farm.  Being a lover of the farming lifestyle (I grew up on a small pig farm in Ohio), working on a farm in Chile sounded like a dream.  

Tucked away in the foothills of the Andes, you'll find a quiet farm owned by Illani Atwater and Eduardo Rojas. Three tiny farm houses are scattered around, all heated with a wooden stove.  A fresh spring flows nearby providing water for drinking and showering.  Of course the water has to be heated by the stove, so you're lucky to shower every couple days.  Washing laundry is also something that you must do when absolutely necessary.  You get used to wearing the same dirty clothes and having dirt under those fingernails. 

Occasionally a rooster crows and the momma cow moos for her little baby nearby.  The clouds roll over the hills and the sun peeks out bringing warmth to this little farm.  I can choose to gather vegetables for the day's meal or wander up the hills for blackberries. There's so much freedom and beauty here and its perfect for a girl like me.

LOCATION: Catrico, Chile
DATE: March 2013


  1. dream boat.

    lets go back?

    heavenly homes.

    1. ps do tell which one you stayed in of the above photos?

    2. I stayed in the white one that is photographed the most! I had a little single bed and was all cozy in my sleeping bag. There were three of us in the room.